Writing - Why Write?

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From The Yellow Sofa

By: Carl Nickles

Golf.  I’ve never played, but friends tell me that at times, there is an incredible amount of frustration compared to the small amount of joy/success in the game.  The same could be said for getting involved in a land war in Asia (thank you “The Princess Bride”), explaining Star Trek to non-science fiction fans and bathing cats.  Why do them at all?  Striving for a hole in one, debating TOS vs TNG or risking your life by placing a cat in water all sound exasperating.  The same could be said for writing.  So why write?

With writing, there is an entire theme park of frustration and challenges awaiting you.  Finding stories worth writing that are not only interesting to you but to your potential readers, rewriting, revising, editing, rejection letters, criticism (especially from non-writers) and the never-ending work of promoting your story.  Despite all of this, you power through for the hope of one day enjoying a little notoriety, a little money from sales or seeing your book in print.

You may never make a penny off of your writing, you may never be published, so why write?  In spite of all of the people that inhabit this planet, in spite of all of the stories they have told, they haven’t been told by you.  No one else sees the world you inhabit or create exactly like you do.  Telling your story, whether it’s a paragraph or a novel in your voice can be the hole in one , your success, your joy.  That little victory can be worth all of the frustration you endured to obtain it.  So write.