We Buy Black Convention - Atlanta, GA.

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From The Yellow Sofa

By: Carl Nickles

Last week, Tracie and I attended the We Buy Black convention in Atlanta, GA.  The inaugural 2 day event hosted black owned businesses from across the country.  The event featured a live marketplace where owners could showcase their products and speak directly with their customers, business workshops where people could get help with their own business ideas,  and a chance to sit down with business consultants and receive free guidance on how to grow and promote their business.   

There were a wide variety of vendors with products ranging from soaps and lotions , beard and skin care, to laundry detergent, clothing, coffee and even hot sauce.  Tracie and I purchased a few (ok, a lot) of these products.  The vendors were more than happy to talk about their products and even tells us a little about how they got their start and some of the lessons they have learned along the way.

We Buy Black’s mantra is “Remove, Replace, and Rebuild.”  To paraphrase the founder and creator of We Buy Black, Shareef Abdul-Malik: Remove ourselves from depending on other communities for our survival and basic needs, Replace items with products we produce, control and own, and Rebuild our communities to a level worth respecting and protecting.  Their website, webuyblack.com serves as a storefront of a variety of products all produced, created, owned and sold by black entrepreneurs.  

For more information, visit webuyblack.com and take a look at what they have to offer.