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From The Yellow Sofa

By: Carl Nickles

There are things you have thought about doing that would seem rewarding.  There are things you wish were different.  How many of those do you have a desire to change?  Thinking about doing something or wishing that something would change will not make it happen.  Discovering what your desires truly are is the starting point to achieving anything.

Desire is where change begins.  To change is to be in almost perpetual motion.   Sometimes in a single direction toward a well defined end,  sometimes an any direction to find what does and doesn’t work.  True desire, not wishes or dreams, stay with you and can drive you even at the inconvenient times or when you’re the least motivated and inspired.

As I’ve been writing these posts about change, I’ve been looking at myself physically, mentally and intellectually and making comparisons between where I am and what I want.  Some things have not been matching up and change is long overdue.  I’m confident I’m not alone in this.  It’s time to get a pen and paper (or laptop) and write down what   you truly desire.  I’ll share mine in the next blog when we talk about mindset - believing you can change. 

What do you desire to change in your life?  What have you put energy into to affect your current situation and your life?  Let me know in the comments.