Our Independence


Hello and welcome back.  We’ve been away for a bit but we haven’t been idle.  In our absence we’ve been learning to streamline our processes, focus our branding and sharpen our vision for Crescent Sol.  While we have many ideas for new projects we want to pursue, we are first and foremost, independent writers/authors who want to publish our own work.  We believe that indie-publishing gives us the most freedom with our work and, in our opinion, provides the most authentic and true representation of who we are.  Thank you for staying with us.  

So, why indie-publishing?  When someone writes a book, the author wants as many people to read it as possible.  Most people don’t have the funds that are required to distribute books nationally and internationally, so they submit their work to a publishing house.  The publishing house wants to make money like any other business so they don’t want to publish and promote a book that won’t turn a profit.  A lot of books are rejected.  A lot of good books.  The few that are selected are edited and often sections are reworded or rewritten to make the book more marketable.  Everything is subject to revision by the publishing house.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Weak sections can be strengthened by professional editors, professional graphic designers can create eye-catching covers.  There are professional readers, marketing teams, distribution teams, focus groups, etc….   But after all of the changes , is it still the same book the author envisioned?

So, what’s the difference?  Independent authors also submit their work to editors, they also collaborate with graphic designers to create their covers, they even hire PR firms to guide them on how best to market their product.  If the steps are similar, why take on all of the added work and responsibility by going independent?  For Tracie and me, it’s about having complete creative control over our work.  We want our books to be read by as many people as possible, but not at the expense of our autonomy.  We also want our selves to be reflected in our work when we reveal it to the world.  Our work will still be revised and polished but it will always be uniquely and completely us.