An Introduction

From The Yellow Sofa

By Carl Nickles

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This post is long overdue, but I wanted to introduce myself and officially welcome all of you to our blog space here at Crescent Sol. In the coming months, we’ll be posting about a variety of different topics ranging from changing habits to exploring minimalism. We’ll also be throwing in the occasional book review as well.

As for myself, my interests include writing, science fiction, music, coding, minimalism, flying - which is my day job (more on that in a later blog) and of course Crescent Sol. I’d like to touch on all of these subjects and more and share our successes (and failures).

While we are primarily a publishing company, my personal goals for our company are for it to grow into an organization that produces relevant and timely content and promotes other writers, thinkers, artists, technology, mindfulness and purposeful living. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy what you see.