Writing Crap

From The Yellow Sofa

By Carl Nickles

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I’ve been learning how to write for the past 4 years.  And I write crap (starting a sentence with “and” doesn’t help).  Like anything else, to become good at it, you must practice.  As you practice, you’ll make mistakes.  If you’re practicing piano, you’ll hit wrong notes.  If you’re writing, you’ll make errors and you’ll write crap!  I’m writing crap right now and I’ll continue to write crap as long as I continue to write. The crap I write a year from now will read better and take less time to edit, but it will still be crap.  

And thats ok.  

Improvement comes by trying and failing, trying and getting rejected and trying again.  You will eventually get more “right” than “wrong”.  Other people will still tell you that you write crap.  People who have written little more than their name since middle school  will tell you that you write crap.  Some other people will read your crap and tell you your crap is great, fantastic, inspiring and life-changing.  

That’s kinda cool.  

 Keep practicing, keep writing.  Let me know in the comments how your writing is going by clicking on the title of this post.  Also, check out our collection of books written by Tracie Chavonne.