the measure of a life

The Measure Of A Life


By Carl Nickles

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What is your focus and vision for your life?  Are you consistently working on what you want to accomplish, or have you allowed "stuff" such as tasks (urgent but not important or vice versa), poor planning or relationship drama sidetrack you?  They all need attention to some degree, but there needs to be balance.

Focus can help filter out the “stuff” and make room for a purposeful life.  It can aid you in finding the things or people that inspire you.  Focus can make it a little easier for you to resist a difficult situation, walk away from a relationship that no longer serves you, or a busy, reaction-driven schedule that robs you of time.

Strip away the “stuff” and watch your pursuits and the people you choose to make a priority become a testament to a meaningful life.  While the journey is the roadmap of your focus, the vision is the destination in the distance - the end result and your success in your endeavors and the sense of accomplishment.  Over time, with consistency and practice, it will become the narrative of your life.

Make time to focus on yourself every day - This is one of the most unselfish things you can do for yourself.  What do you need for yourself and from yourself?  Focus on what you want - what you really want and pursue it.  Create a vision with the end in mind.