Tracie Chavonne

I've known two things about myself my entire life.  I love to learn and I love to write. I fell in love with school at the age of three and decided that my calling was to become a teacher.  It has taken me many years to learn the type of teacher that I am. I have written in journals since I was in second grade but I never considered myself a writer.

Keeping journals throughout the years have provided me with the emotional and metaphysical outlet that I have needed my entire life.  Because I spent so many years writing in journals, the transition to establishing myself as a public writer simply lied in addressing myself as such. I am a writer. I am a teacher. Combining my love for learning and writing together has set me on a path to my calling in a way that I hadn't really imagined.


Carl Nickles

I have always been interested in pursuing writing.  However, Like for so many people, writing a book/novel seemed out of reach.  Being an introvert, I've always looked at writing as an outlet to collect and express my ideas in ways that I don’t do outwardly or physically.  Here are a few of my current projects:

My first book is about the the use of the n-word within the Black community and the long term effects its use has had on us as a people.  I plan to have it published by spring of 2019.

The second is a story about a young woman contemplating ending her life and the conversations she has that will either convince her to choose life or provide her with the validation she thinks she needs to carry it out.  

The third (and most ambitious) project is a story set in the near future and chronicles the life of a young Black man and his friends who, as a result of significant events early in their lives, shape who they become as they rise to power and influence in America. The story employs espionage, political manipulation, social activism, and attempts to destroy the social and political status quo.  I plan to publish by the end of 2019.